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Join the protocol economy

For machines

Earn cryptocurrency contributing system resources.

For users

Earn interest on cryptocurrency without running a machine.

Staking Protocols

Protocols which require workers to post security deposits in addition to contributing system resources e.g. Filecoin, Ethereum PoS, Polkadot, and Dfinity.


Platform that enables users and machines to jointly work for staking protocols. Users supply cryptocurrency while machines supply system resources.

How it works

Using our smart contracts, users and machines can jointly work for staking protocols. We call these smart contracts Virtual Workers. Full details coming soon.


May 2017

Whitepaper v1 released

Early 2018

Surprise Announcement

Early 2018

Whitepaper v2 released


Axel Ericsson

CS @ Stanford

Divyahans Gupta

CS @ Stanford

Zack Lawrence

Math @ Stanford

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